Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why We Started Homeschooling

It all started about six years ago, God put on my heart and my husbands to teach our boys at home. I tend to not always listen, that would be my stubborn side, so we did not start homeschooling my boys then. Throughout that year He kept on pressing on my heart to teach my boys, so at the end of the school year I told the school that my boys would not be coming back the following year, that was five years ago.
That first year was so hard with Christopher. He would always say to me my teacher didn't do it that way. He only went to preschool, if I would've started schooling my boys at home the year before I think it would've been a little easier for us but my stubborn side had to get in the way.
My oldest son Anthony is in 8th grade this year and Christopher is in the 6th grade.


MInTheGap said...

We started with our first child this year-- yesterday was his first day-- so we're just beginning the adventure!

Paziya said...

Enjoy the adventure.
Time goes by fast, it feels like I just started last year.