Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Gift From

I got an e-mail from Old Orchard this week and thought others would like this gift also.

Fill out your address and they'll mail you $5 in Free Coupons for Old Orchard Juices. Use the coupons to try out two new Healthy Balance flavors Pomegranate and Pomegranate Cranberry. Limit one per household.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reindeer Facts

A one day reindeer can run faster than a man.
Reindeer make a popping or a clicking noise as they walk.
The sound is produced by a tendon sliding over a bone in the foot.
Some reindeer in the wild eat Reindeer moss.
A velvet coating peels away from the reindeer's antlers(male & female) every year after adulthood is reached.
This velvet is prized by the Oriental Culture.
Caribou & reindeer are the only deer in which the doe also bears antlers.
Reindeers snort when alarmed; males roar in rutting season.
The males have an inflatable pouch of skin under their throats
which amplifies their roar.
Reindeer are good swimmers.
Their coats are thick, with a heavy, dense coat of wholly under fur.
Trapping air, their coat gives them buoyancy in the water; it also is waterproofed by stiff guard hairs on top.

These facts come from Santa & Co.