Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Back...

Well I am back from South Carolina and
enjoying the weather here.

We left on Thursday at 8pm and got to the
Children's Home about 12:30pm.
They had lunch ready for us, Chicken sandwiches and french fries.
They put us up in what they call the Little People's Dorm.
This dorm can house 12 little kids and a set of house parents.

The duty's they gave us were to clean up the dorm we were in,
Spray weed killer around the pool, playground, and the flower beds and pull the weeds in the flower beds.
Also they had us spread pine straw around the trees, bushes and flowers. Pine straw is pine needles that fall from the pine trees that they use as mulch. The boys there said this task usually takes them about 3 days to complete, it took use about 5 hours.

There were 5 girls there, two of them are dorm parents kids(DK=Dorm Kids)
the other three girls had visits with family that weekend so we only saw them for a brief time. There were about 8 boys there, two of them went on visits while the other 6 were there with us all weekend. The 4 older boys helped us with the yard work.

I will post more about this experience when I get the pictures downloaded.

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MInTheGap said...

Nice to see you're back, safe and sound.