Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Graduation Really!!!

Chris & Anthony

This is a busy year for me and my family!   

My oldest son Anthony will be graduating in just a few short weeks, oh how time has flown by!  
I am preparing for a Graduation Party and seem a little overwhelmed with all the preparations but I know we will enjoy seeing everyone that is able to come out and celebrate with us during this milestone in our son’s life and in ours. 

We have paid for a lot of things already leading up to this occasion, we took a well needed family vacation on a cruise, cap, gown, tassel, diploma, pictures, participation in the ceremony and also prom and a camp for Strategic Intelligence.  We have been in the process of cutting down a huge tree in our background with help from a friend who has done a great job and my brother-in-law, so this big day can happen. 

As I sit here putting a list together for the party, I think of how my son has grown from a boy to a young man who loves sharing his gift with everyone and who is ready to take the next step in this journey that God has laid out for him.  When I think on these things it seems as if some of the feeling of being overwhelmed just disappears.  

Thank you God for guiding me and my husband in the direction you have to raise our children for you.  I know at times we don't necessarily always go in the direction you would like us to but I know you have used those misguided steps we have taken our children down for something more.  I would like to just say that through my journey as a parent I have always known that you have awesome things for Anthony and Chris to accomplish in life for your glory!