Sunday, March 31, 2013

Exciting News!

Hi there,

I have something exciting coming up in my life that I wanted to share with you!

                     God has always moved in my life in ways I have never thought possible.  Before I started working with youth I had a desire to travel.   I wanted to see as much of God’s masterpieces firsthand.  So, the path he has taken me down was to work with youth and show them how much they are loved and that God has a purpose for them as well.  It has been a great journey up to this point but God has more for me still.   I have always wanted a chance to go on an overseas mission trip but never thought  Africa, but God has done it again.  It reminds me of an Audio Adrenaline song Hands and Feet.

I'll go where You send me, go where You send me
I'll be Your hands
I'll be Your feet
I'll go where You send me, go where You send me

An opportunity has presented itself for me to be able to travel to Zambia, Africa to a town called Kalomo which is in southern Zambia, lying north east of Livingstone, on the main road and railway line to Lusaka.
The organization that I will be going through is called Africa’s Child. They have a dream of revaluation of changing lives, families and communities through the power of Jesus Christ and through service to others. 

While there I will be volunteering at Namwianaga Mission Orphanage.  At the orphanage I will love on precious children who have little in this life, which is a huge need because many of these children hold on to life by a thread.  We will also be visiting the compounds, which are neighborhoods, building friendships and spending time with the Zambian people.  Africa’s Child has purchased property for their God-sized vision to build a Life Center for children with AIDS and their families to receive medical, spiritual and material aid and we will visit the location.

Our team will be traveling September 17th through the 26th, 2013. The cost will be $3,000 and I am working hard to raise funds for the trip.  I know I can not accomplish this task on my own and that I trust God will provide. 

Please pray and think about what you can donate.  I appreciate the amount you can give and all donations are tax deductible.  Please make checks out to Paradox Church.  It’s alright if you cannot help me out financially but please pray for me I have listed a few requests.

1.     As I write I am having a difficult time asking for help to go on this trip.
2.     For safe travels.
3.     The group would work well together.
4.     For my husband and boys while I am away from them.

I would like to thank you for your support for me through prayer, financially or both.

Trusting Him,


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