Friday, December 9, 2011

The Best Christmas Ever...

The best Christmas ever was when my boys were three and six we did not have much at all, we didn't even think we'd have a Christmas tree to decorate with the kids. We told the boys that we would not have a tree that year and my son said "Thats okay we can just use the chair for our tree it's green." We went to the store a couple days before Christmas and found a real tree for $5 that we hid in our bedroom until Christmas Eve. My husband and I put it up while the boys were sleeping so they could wake up to it all decorated. When they got up and saw the tree they were so happy.

Our kids are such a blessing from God!
Just seeing thier faces was the best Christmas gift that I have ever recieved.

What is your favorite Christmas ever?

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lemons77 said...

I remember that well... I was so bummed that we may not have a tree. Not only for the boys but for my wive and I as well. See Christmas has always been a favorite in all of my family, not for the tree, not for the gifts, but for the joy! God is so good to Amber and I we have kids that are selfless and full of love!

great memory hun!