Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wrapping Paper?

This is what Me and my family found while unwrapping our Christmas gifts on New Year's Day at my sisters.

Protect your head and neck from injury
*Do not hide or tack down any power cords. Keep power cords out of traffic areas to avoid tripping.
*Have children put their toys away.
*Keep walk and roadway areas outside your home cleared and sanded.
*Be aware of road conditions before you leave home.
*Wear a seatbelt when in a car.
*Drive within the speed limit and be aware of road conditions and other vehicles around you. Do not drink and drive.
*Use a safety helmet when riding a motorcycle or bicycle.
*Never dive into a body of water headfirst until you are sure it is deep enough. Lower yourself into the water feet first.
*Keep emergency numbers near the phone.
*Do not overburden yourself with packages.
*If you are using a step stoolmake sure it has a handrail that you can hold on to while standing on the top step.
*Turn on more lights.
*Make sure all passageways are well lit.
*Place non-slip strips or decals in tub and shower.
*Devise a plan and practice a "drill" in the event someone gets injured.
And my favorite...
*Avoid wearing socks, slippers, or smooth-soled shoes in the home.

So when are you supposed to wear slippers?
This was on the back of some wrapping paper.

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