Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just to sum it up...

It's been busy around here lately.

We started school on Monday September 8th.
It's taking sometime to get back into our routine.

My boys are in a pilot program called U.S. Made Leaders.
They are meeting on Monday and Thursday evenings for the
next couple of weeks.

Today they start Art Class and a couple of weeks ago they started piano
lessons again. I'm excited because my boys dedcided to play a duet
this year during their recital.

Upwards basketball also starts soon, well not too soon.
In October they go for evaluations and then practice and games start in January.

My brother-in-law was married on Sunday evening it was a very nice ceremony. My husband had the honor of helping perform the ceremony.

We are in the process of getting new windows this October.
We had two yard sales to raise money for insulation. Looks like this year will be warmer than last years.

My husband jokes around and tells people we were gonna go on a cruise but now the cruise will be in our home.


Stephen Lemon said...
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Stephen Lemon said...

Actually I am not really joking, this year we will be on our very own cruise. The biggest advantage is no hurricanes, no missing the boat after the excursions. Best of all the cost.... well never mind the cost just went out the WINDOW!! ha ha just kidding... have a great day. God bless Hun I love ya...